(New, complimentary membership for trainees. Details herein!)

Dear Current and/or Prospective IEOC member,

We are pleased to invite you to apply for membership in the International Equine Ophthalmology Consortium (IEOC). This non-profit organization was formed in 2009 to bring together medical professionals who are interested in the field of equine ophthalmology in order to collectively advance the science of equine ophthalmology and to improve the care of equine patients.

An invitation to join the IEOC is extended to any Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), or equivalent, clinician or non-veterinarian clinical researcher who is interested in equine ophthalmology. This includes all veterinary ophthalmologists, internists, surgeons and other specialists, as well as general practitioners or researchers with an interest in equine ophthalmology.  Membership is also open to veterinary residents, and to DVM or equivalent students. Individuals in the latter group are required to be sponsored by a member veterinarian.

If your professional background and/or interests lie in equine ophthalmology, please consider applying for membership. Please submit an email to the IEOC office  which details your experience/interest in the field of equine ophthalmology as well as filling out the online dues form. Confirmation of membership will be supplied in writing to the applicant via email to the address provided in the application. The dues cycle runs from January 1 to December 31st annually.

The current annual dues fee ($135) for most members. Trainees will be provided a lower membership rate of $80 with proof of program. Check out the details regarding submission and deadlines.  A late fee of $25 is assessed after January 31st annually for both membership categories. At request, pro-rated dues are available for new members joining in October or later of the current year.

Benefits of IEOC membership include:

  • Priority and reduced registration rates for IEOC symposia. 
  • Opportunity to present research and cases at the IEOC symposia.
  • Exclusive access to members-only content.
  • Searchable archived on-line case forums.
  • Access to private group IEOC Facebook page for easy case discussion, automatic messages when new forum post is made or when website updates are available, etc.
  • Reduced subscription rate to the Veterinary Ophthalmology journal.
  • Access to the on-line, dynamic membership directory with detailed members-only contact information.
  • A professional listing in the equine ophthalmology referral database for public referrals.
  • Help contribute to equine ophthalmology exposure within the veterinary community and public education.

If you have questions regarding the IEOC or the symposium, please contact the IEOC office.

Thank you for your interest and participation.

IEOC Executive Director