Join or Renew IEOC

(New, complimentary membership for trainees. Details herein!)

IEOC Purpose

This non-profit organization was formed in 2009 to bring together medical professionals who are interested in the field of equine ophthalmology in order to collectively advance the science of equine ophthalmology and to improve the care of equine patients.

Membership Qualifications
An invitation to join the IEOC is extended to any Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), or equivalent, clinician or non-veterinarian clinical researcher who is interested in equine ophthalmology. This includes all veterinary ophthalmologists, internists, surgeons and other specialists, as well as general practitioners or researchers with an interest in equine ophthalmology. 

Membership is also open to veterinary residents, and to DVM or equivalent students. Individuals in the latter group are required to be sponsored by a member veterinarian.

If your professional background and/or interests lie in equine ophthalmology, please consider applying for membership. See instructions on this page.

Dues Fees & Calendar
The dues cycle follows the calendar year, but opens generally mid-November, and will close the end of May annually. Dues for the following year will reopen the following November. Prorating is not provided. All members must be renewed to submit registration for the Symposium each spring. 2024 dues fees are $150USD, and trainees are $90USD, a $50 late fee will be charged for submissions made on or after February 1st.

Renewing, Current 2023 Members
Thank you for maintaining your IEOC membership! As such, the renewal process will be very easy.

Please complete this ‘Dues form for Current 2023 Members or Pre-approved 2024 Candidates, submit your payment, and you will receive an instant confirmation at the email provided. Later, don’t forget to sign into your membership portal to check that your contact information is current.

If you’re unsure if you paid 2023 dues, check this page. Or if you attended the 2023 Symposium in Edinburgh, you are indeed current for 2023.

Lapsed or New 2024 Members
Lapsed Members: These are members who do not choose to renew annually. IEOC welcomes any past member to re-apply, an application form and credentials submission will be required for re-submission and approval. To re-apply, submit this form, once approved then you will complete the dues form and issue payment. 

New Members: If you would like to be considered for IEOC membership, please submit this form with your brief credentials. The Membership Committee will review the information and a reply will be provided via email within 10 days. Those who are approved will then need to submit the dues form. (Please note that pre-approval is required or membership will not be official and a refund may not be issued.)

Highlighted Membership Benefits:

  • Invitation to attend and/or present at the annual Symposium
  • Collaboration opportunities at the Symposium and online
  • Opportunity to apply for research grants
  • Access to a members-only social media site
  • Access to searchable archived on-line case forums
  • Complimentary access to all Symposium course proceedings, no matter attendance
  • Access to a quarterly newsletter with original content written by other esteemed members
  • Reduced subscription rate for digital access to the Veterinary Ophthalmology journal
  • Access to the on-line digital membership directory with detailed members-only contact information
  • A professional listing in the equine ophthalmology referral database for public referrals.
  • Opportunity to serve on the IEOC Board or committees
  • Help contribute to equine ophthalmology exposure within the veterinary community and public education


Related Announcements!

New Process: Only those with fully approved and paid membership dues will be invited to register for, or present at the annual Symposium. A ‘non-member’ rate will no longer be available. This new process will allow us to estimate numbers more accurately and handle last-minute Symposium matters much more quickly.

New Website & Forum: The IEOC Board is working on updating the website, and hopefully the Forum in 2024; it looks to be sooner than later in 2024. Once we have the details laid out, we will provide more information via member newsletter and social accounts.

If you have questions regarding the IEOC or the symposium, please contact the IEOC office.

Thank you for your interest and participation.

IEOC Executive Director