2013 IEOC/Acrivet, Inc. Ophthalmology Symposium, Jackson Hole, WY, USA

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Thank you to our members and sponsor, Acrivet who participated in the 2013 Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, June 7-9, 2013.

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Dennis Brooks, DVM, PhD, DACVO - "Complications of Ophthalmic Surgery in the Horse". (notes)

Dr. Elizabeth Giuliano, DVM, MS, DACVO - "Photodynamic Therapy for Equine Periocular Tumors". (notes available upon request via email)

(Provided by IEOC's Research Committee)

  1. Owners feel more comfortable monitoring and using subpalpebral lavage systems placed in the inferior eyelid.  Compared to superiorly placed SPL’s, the inferiorly placed SPL’s have similar complication rates and outcomes.
  2. Fungal keratitis has a negative influence on visual outcome especially with involvement of the posterior cornea.
  3. Horses with anterior uveitis, endotheliitis and pigment dispersion respond very poorly to therapy.  Aggressive therapy is required including topical steroids, topical cyclosporine, and bromfenac.  This condition frequently results in enucleation.
  4. Episcleral cyclosporine matrix implants are available from the North Carolina State University pharmacy and were helpful in controlling superficial and endothelial immune mediated keratitis.
  5. iphones can be used very successfully to take fundic images in horses.  The Apps Camera+ and Mag Light Pro are very helpful.  You need to use continuous illumination and cover the light with 3 layers of Micropore tape (by 3M) to get the correct light intensity.  See the website at www.theeyephone.co.uk for more tips.

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Notes from the Sunday afternoon Roundtable Discussions are available here .

Symposium Schedule: SCHEDULE AGENDA

Host Hotel: The host hotel was Hotel Terra in Teton Village, they did an excellent job taking care of the attendees. Block rates were extended beyond request. We appreciate their assistance.

Thank you to our vendors for their support, Acrivet and Meds for Vets.

Schedule and CE: 14.25 CE units were available for the conference. Contact the office if you are in need of a duplicate CE certificate.

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