2021 an-vision, Inc./IEOC Equine Ophthalmology Consortium


an-vision, Inc./IEOC Equine Ophthalmology Symposium



The ongoing uncertainties over travel and the myriad of variables associated with event planning at this time prompted us to undertake a survey of our members as to their likely attendance in Kentucky 2021.  A big ‘thank you’ to the many that responded. It is perhaps of little surprise that, although a strong appetite for future symposia remains, there was an obvious hesitation from the questionnaire’s respondents in committing to international travel at a time that key organizational decisions must be made. In considering the financial risks that come through hotel contracts (which escalates months before any given symposia) coupled with uncertainties as to the viability of a meeting where delegate numbers might be predicted to be very low, the decision has been made to postpone the physical meeting in 2021 and look to develop a digital offering in its place.

This is not been an easy decision particularly following the disappointments of cancelling Lucerne 2020 but the long-term financial security of the organization was considered a key factor in both decisions.

We will provide more information shortly and will outline our hopes for the 2021 digital symposium both its format and delivery. We will look to engage with members to try and make this a valuable learning event as well as maintaining our individual relationships which are at the core of our wonderful organization.